Creating Reports From Database Replays

By creating a Display in Report Run Mode that uses a Database Collection or Summary, you can print a report or export the data to Excel for further analysis, formatting and printing.

Each window in a Display exported to Excel will be a separate worksheet in an Excel workbook.

These reports can then be used for management reporting and can also be converted to HTML to be posted to a company Intranet or Internet.

Be aware when a report is sent to be printed every collection interval in the database will be sent to the printer.

It is recommended that the Database Collection be summarized first by using one or more of the following options:

  • using a Where Clause
  • by using a Summary Interval greater than the original collection interval
  • by specifying a Summary Period from the data collection.

Create the Display Document

In the Document Navigator highlight the required database document, this can be either a Database Collection or Database Summary, right-click the mouse to display the menu, choose Create Document, then choose Display.

Follow the procedure on the Printing Reports from Displays starting from Step 3.

Note that the Database tab details are prefilled when Creating the Display from a Database document.

Running the Report

Start the report by dragging the document to the workspace, the Display opens in the workspace and the data is also sent to the default printer or Excel.

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