Creating a Database Replay Display

To create a new Display specifically for a Database replay, proceed as follows:

In the Document Navigator, right-click on the required Database document to open the context menu. Choose Create Document, and then select Display.

The Database Replay Properties dialog box will open. Here the properties of the Database are used to create a window for each data view definition in the Database’s configuration.

On the General Tab enter a name for the Database Replay document.

The other tabs operate in the same way as a normal Display document. If you wish you can use these tabs to customize the Database Replay.

The Windows tab will allow you to set up the 'look and feel' of each window in the Database Replay document.

The Database tab is automatically completed from the original Database properties. However, on this dialog in the Period field, you can modify the replay period by adjusting the start and stop times. In the Daily Time Window field you can select to show data for each Whole day within the Replay period, or only for a specified time period each day.

The Report tab is used to set up printed reports or to export report information to Excel.

The Web tab is used to set conversion preferences for using the Database Replay through the Web Application.

Full details of each of the tabs in this Properties dialog box can be found in the Displays section of this guide.

Now you can run the Database then view the results by starting the Database Replay document from the Document Navigator.

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