UXDISKPERF Configuration Syntax

This is the File System Performance Configuration for UNIX. If the UXDISKPERF is left blank, then the whole environment will be monitored. But if only specific disks or volume groups need to be monitored, then the details should be specified according to the following configuration.

The UXDISKPERF Configuration is used to define the disks to be monitored, ignore a certain specific number of disks, add or ignore volume groups to monitor, and also set the start time and interval.


STARTTIME (<time>)
INTERVAL (<hh:mm>)

Syntax Elements


Either one or more ADD statements, or one or more IGNORE statements, can be included on the UXDISKPERF Configuration. A mixture of ADD and IGNORE statements is not permitted.

ADD is used to specify items that will be included in the device layout, all other items will not be monitored. Multiple ADD statements can be specified.

IGNORE is used to specify items that will be excluded from the device layout, all other items will be monitored. Multiple IGNORE statements can be specified.


Solaris DiskSuite does not have the concept of a VolumeGroup, all Solaris logical volumes are included in one virtual Volume Group called 'DiskSuite'. For this reason, the regular expressions in the VOLUMEGROUP form of the clause is taken to apply to the DiskSuite Logical Volume names.


A regular expression evaluated against each Volume Group or Disk name to determine which match the clause.


Used to schedule the device scanner execution. It takes one parameter which is a time in 24 hour format (i.e. HH:MM). It indicates that the collector should run the device scanner at the time specified. If specified in a configuration without the INTERVAL clause then the scan will be run at the specified time each day.


Used to schedule the interval between each device scan. It takes one parameter which is a time in hours: minutes format (e.g. 1:12). It indicates how long the collector should wait after launching (not the completion of) the previous scan before launching the next scan. If not specified with the STARTTIME clause the collector will kill any currently executing scan and start a new scan immediately after the Configuration is started. Scans will then be executed every interval thereafter. If the STARTTIME clause is specified the first scan will be launched at that time then every interval thereafter.

It is possible that the INTERVAL setting may cause scans to occur too frequently. In this case, a scan may be due to be launched but the previous scan has not yet finished. If this occurs an error will be logged in the WVLOG.TXT and the running scan will not be interrupted.

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