PASSWORDS Configuration Syntax

This feature is used to consolidate passwords that are required by product features and components into one central point. It also makes use of encrypted passwords rather than standard plain text, thereby ensuring a much higher degree of security. A default PASSWORDS Configuration document is supplied with the installation and this can be modified as required to suit the monitored environment.

FIPS Encryption

The PASSWORDS Configuration uses FIPS certified encryption algorithm (AES256-CFB-HMAC).  Where older versions (version 10.2 and above, but below version 11.0) are being managed, it will no longer be possible to update the PASSWORDS Configuration of these older versions from version 11.0 or later Web Application - Administration tool. The PASSWORDS Configuration will not be visible in the configuration page and access to the URL for modifying the PASSWORDS Configuration will be blocked.

For further details about FIPS and Encrypted Connection see the Data Encryption Between Servers.


In all environments, the following approach is recommended:

  • Lockdown update access to the PASSWORDS Configuration to only those administrative users who require such access. Refer to SECURITY Configuration for details.


The following pages provide details on passwords used and how to configure them.

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