JVMON Configuration Syntax

The JVMON Configuration is used to control SAMPLING and PERSISTENCE for each JVM to be monitored.


SAMPLING (<JVMLabel>, <OnSeconds>, <OffSeconds>)

Syntax Elements


Sampling defines the sample Interval per JVM. The monitoring Interval should be a multiple of 'OnSeconds + OffSeconds', if not, it will round up/down the OffSeconds so that this is the case. If you do not have this set for a JVM, there will be NO METHOD MONITORING for that JVM.

<JMVLabel>The <JVMLabel> specifies a unique name for the JVM for internal use.
<OnSeconds><OnSeconds> is the length of the sample interval.
<OffSeconds><OffSeconds> is the rest period between sample intervals.


JVM monitoring provides internal IDs for classes and methods, as JVM does not. Enabling PERSISTENCE on a JVM keeps these IDs consistent between collections, hence proving useful for recording consistent databases. 

The PERSISTENCE is initially acquired at the first exit of the JVM or at the first clean shutdown of Prognosis.

<JVMLabel>The <JVMLabel> specifies a unique name for the JVM for internal use.
{ON|OFF}Set to 'ON' or 'OFF'. 'ON' means that a unique ID is assigned to each class and method, even when it is stopped/restarted.
The <JVMLabel> must match the label given to the JVM probe. There will be multiple entries if more than one JVM is being monitored.

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