DB2 Configuration Syntax

DB2 stands for Database 2, which is a family of IBM licensed programs for relational database management. DB2 provides an open database environment that runs on a wide variety of computing platforms; including Windows, UNIX and Linux, and can cater from a small single-user application to a large multi-user system.

DB2 monitoring is configured using the DB2 Configuration.


ADD INSTANCE (<InstanceName>[, sqllib=<InstanceSqllibDir>][, version={8|9})

Syntax Elements


Insert an entry for each DB2 Instance to be monitored.

<Instance Name>

Name of a single instance to be monitored.


SQL library path. This is an optional parameter for UNIX/Linux systems only (i.e. not applicable for MS Windows). This is used to specify/override where the sqllib directory for the instance can be found. If not specified the default "home/<instance>/sqllib" is used. If the DB2DIR environment variable is set, it will be used if the default is not a valid path.


SQL version. An optional parameter, if not specified the default is 8. If a DB2 version 9 or above instance is to be monitored, the version parameter must be set to '9' or newer information introduced in version 9 will not be available.

User ID and password credentials for DB2 access are added through the PASSWORDS Configuration using the DB2:<InstanceName> entry.

For full details on DB2 Database monitoring please refer to DB2 Management.

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