Known Issues

The following issues are known at the time of product release and, where available; workarounds have been provided.


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Web Snapshots are not deleted after the aging option time has elapsed


An error displayed when linking nodes into an HA pair in the Synchronization status column

PRN11-6131HASYNC crash on passive when resuming after upgrade from Prognosis 11.6 to 11.7 in a configured Prognosis High Availability deployment

Prognosis for Infrastructure

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IRHANDLE Service doesn't start in Windows Server 2019

PRN11-6003VMWare 6.7 shows negative/zero CPU and memory on Cluster dashboard, this is due to VMWare changes to the API SDK in VMWare 6.5 which does not return valid data for performance counter 6 “CPU usage in megahertz during the interval”. The CPU usage of the cluster will show an invalid number typically negative values in Prognosis displays. Affected record VMwareCluster ( VMWCLUST ).
Item No.Description
PRN11-4284Missing recording on call compliance status due to delayed recordings on NICE TRS
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