Issues Resolved

The following items are issues that were raised, both internally and from customer feedback, from the previous Prognosis release that has now been resolved.


Item No.



Some Prognosis Live Canvas Microsoft Visio files cannot be exported after upgrading the file the latest version of Microsoft Visio due to a known Microsoft bug.

PRN11-3288There can be gaps visible inline charts in the Web application when there are delays in data delivery from the collector. The web application is more sensitive to late-arriving data than the Prognosis Client. Ensuring that the clocks are synchronized on the managing and monitoring servers can help minimize the occurrence of this issue.
PRN11-4984An error displayed when linking nodes into an HA pair in the Synchronization status column
PRN11-4983Whenever HA sync is resumed all static confs are re-synchronized and have a new Last Changed Time
PRN11-4433PVIEWS max data rate field may have overflow issues

Prognosis for Payments

Item No.



CPU Utilization & Storage - Top 10 sections not not loaded

PRN11-5116ATMs Transaction Timeouts Display shows errors
PRN11-5118SQL Server Buffer Manager contains empty Freepages field
PRN11-5120Transaction Manager - Average Event Processing Time contains empty data
PRN11-5125Approvals by Onus field displays the calculation formula
PRN11-5126Reversals Counter is empty in ATM Transaction Summary display
PRN11-5129ATMs with Reversals for Today report and POS with Reversals for Today report show empty page
PRN11-5131Different conditions for Surcharge section in ATM/POS Transaction Summary display
PRN11-5136Queue Handing graph is empty & Incorrect records in Postilion Interface Processing display
PRN11-5121Switch Response Time shows total response time (POS Transaction Response Times display)
PRN11-5117POS Transaction Timeouts contains inconsistent data

Prognosis for Unified Communications

Item No.



Prognosis needs restart on the managing node If it requires pre-configured cisco configs of the monitoring node

PRN11-4655Prognosis sending SQL queries via CLI causing Core Dumps intermittently on the Cisco Unity device
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