Adding a CUC Offline Subscriber

This option is used to manually add each subscriber that is associated with a CUC Cluster. Only one subscriber can be added at a time.

After selecting the Add an Offline Subscriber link on the Adding CUC Clusters to the Monitoring Server, the following dialog box will open.

Complete the fields as required:

Cluster Name
Enter the name of the CUC Cluster that this Subscriber belongs to. The Cluster details should have already been added using the Add an Offline Cluster link.

Node Name
Enter the name of the CUC Subscriber that is being added. This field is free-format and is not validated.

Node IP Address
Enter the IPv4 address which the Monitoring Server can use to contact the CUC Subscriber.

Node's Real IP Address
In a NAT environment use this field to enter the IP address for the CUC Subscriber as configured on the CUC Administration interface. In a non-NAT environment enter a hyphen (-) to use the same IP address as the previous field.

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