Cluster Maintenance for Cisco Unity Connection

Once the Cisco Unity Connection Clusters (CUC) have been successfully added to a Monitoring Server, see Adding CUC Clusters to the Monitoring Server, they will be displayed in the 'Cluster Maintenance' window of the UCC-Configure Cisco Unity Connections Display.

This window provides a number of command links for each listed Cluster. These links include the following:

  • Subscriber - Remove
    This will delete the specific subscriber from the selected Cluster configuration. In the Node Name field enter the name of the Subscriber to be removed.

Cluster Name - This field will be pre-populated with the selected Cluster name.

Node Name - Enter the name of the Subscriber to be deleted.

  • Cluster - Remove
    This will remove the selected Cluster and all its Subscribers from the Monitoring Server configurations. Associated Thresholds and Analysts will also be removed. However, the database for this cluster will be retained.

  • Customer & Site - Change
    This option allows for the originally defined customer and/or site name to be changed. The customer and site names can have alphanumeric characters and can include ‘-‘ and ‘_’.

Cluster Name - This field will be pre-populated with the selected Cluster name.

Customer name and Site for the Cluster - These fields will be populated with the existing customer and site names which can be changed as required. Use only alphanumeric characters in these fields, special characters, such as; ! , @, will cause the cluster configuration not to start. If these fields are no longer required, enter N/A.

Cluster Version - If updating the version number of the CUC installation on this Cluster complete this field, otherwise leave the default of N/A to kept the version number unchanged.

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