Thresholds and Alerts for Avaya Aura Communication Manager

The following Threshold is used for Avaya Communication Manager monitoring:

The pre-packaged thresholds include :

  • Threshold - AV-Alerts
    This Threshold monitors a range of activity including; Board, CDR Link, LSP, PBX SAT, Port Network, Trunk, Media Gateway and Network Region status, plus processor activity and voice quality.

Starting the Thresholds/Alerts

Thresholds are normally started from the initial configuration page of the Web Application. Otherwise, they can be started manually by using either of the following procedures:

Web Application:

Open the Web Application - Administration Tool. In the navigation panel expand the required Monitoring server name and click on the Avaya device. This will open the 'Update Avaya Communication Manager' page. Check the 'Start Standard Databases and Thresholds' box at the bottom of the page and then click the Update button.

Windows Client:

Open the Avaya Monitoring Node Display (click the Configuration link at the top of the Avaya PBX Display) and go to the 'Avaya PBX/LSP' Alerts window. This window will show if the Threshold is currently running or not. If it is not running, click the Start link.

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