Troubleshooting Money Transfer System

Applicable for both full MTS Monitoring and MTS Pulse Monitor

The following subjects may help to resolve Prognosis for MTS configuration issues.

Cannot get data after switching license from MTW to MTS

After upgrading a Prognosis MTS Pulse Monitor (MTW) installation to the full Prognosis for MTS (MTS) product license, data is not displayed from the 'AciMtsCurrency' (MTSCURSM) and 'AciMtsLine' (MTSLNINF) records.

In order the activate the new record data it will be necessary to configure the mtsareas.ini file. To do this please refer to the Configure the MTS Area to Monitor.

New queue is not being monitored

Using the 'Refresh Queues' function in the MTS Configuration page of the Prognosis Web Application will update the list of queues that can be added to Functions. However, after using the 'Refresh' function a new queue that was added is not being monitored by Prognosis.

This is because the list of queues used by the collector is only loaded upon startup of the Prognosis EXTRACTOR Configuration. In order to start monitoring the new queue, restart the EXTRACTOR Configuration on the MTS server.

Command execution error and no MTS data available in Prognosis.

No MTS data is showing in Prognosis and the wvlog.txt contains the following entry:

iradicol 9.1.0 415834 - Command execution error. irperl MTS/ --lines; 2

This problem can occur if the BASH_ENV variable is not set correctly. For details about how this should be setup see the   Create a Prognosis User for MTS .

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