Configure the Prognosis Network Connections

Applicable for both full MTS Monitoring and MTS Pulse Monitor

Open the Administration tool of the Prognosis Web Application.

All Programs > Prognosis > Prognosis Administration

From the server panel, click on the Prognosis Management Server.

This will open the Home page for this server.

On the Home page scroll down to the Configurations section and locate the NETWORK Configuration item.

Click on NETWORK Configuration to open the SUBSYS NETWORK input window.

Add the following line at the bottom of the existing statements:

MANAGED-NODES (<ip-address>:<port>)



This is the IP address of the MTS server machine where the Prognosis Monitoring server is running


This is the port number that Prognosis is using on the MTS server.

Also edit the SAF-SIZE statement to adjust the default 8MB SAF (Store and Forward) size up to 100MB.

SAF-SIZE (*, 100)

This is done to ensure that the database, which is located on the Management Server, will be able to contain data for all intervals even after any network outages between the Management and Monitoring servers.

When finished click the Start button at the bottom of the page. After a short period, the MTS server will appear in the server panel of the Prognosis Web Application.

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