Configure the MTS Area to Monitor

Not applicable for MTS Pulse Monitor. However, if upgrading from a Prognosis MTS Pulse Monitor license to a full MTS Monitoring license, it will be necessary to carry out this procedure before certain data will become available.

Prognosis can monitor one or more MTS 'Areas'. Each 'Area' needs to be configured by using the following procedure.

On the MTS server, configure an MTS 'Area' for Prognosis to monitor.

First, this involves determining the relevant paths for the MTS 'Area' by using the following entry:

- area <area-name>
- set | grep ^SBJ_.*_ROOT_DIR

For example, using an <area-name> of 'sales_40',

-bash-4.2$area sales_40
You are in area "sales_40".
-bash-4.2$set | grep ^SBJ_.*_ROOT_DIR

The three output lines containing the MTS area paths now need to be added to the mtsarea.ini file which is located in the following folder path:


-bash-4.2$ cd ~/prognosis/server/configuration/MTS
-bash-4.2$ cat mtsarea.ini

Example  mtsarea.ini file:

; MTS monitoring INI file
; define area

Start Prognosis on the MTS server.

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