Configure Remote Credentials for the MTS Server Login

Applicable for both full MTS Monitoring and MTS Pulse Monitor

The Prognosis MTS deployment requires remote credentials to be configured on the Prognosis Monitoring Server running on the MTS server. These credentials represent a local user that can run shell commands on that machine. Normally, this would be the user that Prognosis was installed as.

To set this up, the applicable user name and password need to be added by using the following procedure.

Open the Administration tool of the Prognosis Web Application.

All Programs > Prognosis > Prognosis Administration

In the server panel, click on the required MTS server that is running MTS.

This will open the Home page for this server.

Go to the bottom of the Home page to the 'Remote Credentials' section

Click the Configure button.

On the 'Configure Remote Credentials' page add a 'User Name' and 'Password' that Prognosis can use to access the MTS server.

When finished click the Save button.

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