Deploying for ACI MTS Monitoring

Prognosis supports ACI MTS running on Supported Platforms for Payments

A deployed Prognosis solution for ACI MTS monitoring will consist of the following components:

  • Monitoring Server
    The Prognosis Monitoring server is installed on a UNIX machine that is running the MTS application, it collects the real-time data metrics from the MTS system for online viewing and to store in historical databases.

  • Management Server/Web Application
    The Prognosis Management server should be installed on to a separate MS Windows machine within the environment. Its purpose is to aggregate and consolidate the data collected from the various Monitoring Servers and present it to the system operators via the Prognosis Web Application and/or Windows Client. Normally, only one Management Server is required, however, multiple copies may be installed where multiple Monitoring Servers are to be monitored independently or in order to spread the Prognosis client load. The Web Application provides a web interface for viewing collected data and should be installed with the Management server.

  • Windows Client
    This component provides the full user interface for configuring and controlling Prognosis as well as presenting data from the monitored environment. The Windows Client can be installed on the same machine as the Management Server or it can be installed on one or more separate MS Windows machines and linked to the Prognosis Management Server.

The type of Prognosis component to be installed is selected during the installation process.

Deployment Steps - ACI MTS

To install the various Prognosis components in the ACI MTS environment, carry out the steps in the following procedure.

General Information
Read the Installation General Information section.

Installation Checklist for UNIX/Linux
Read the Installation Checklist and ensure that all requirements are met before attempting to install the Prognosis Monitoring Server component on to the UNIX machine.

Installation Procedure for UNIX/Linux
On the UNIX machine where MTS is installed, install the Prognosis for UNIX/Linux Monitoring Server component.

Installation Checklist for MS Windows
Read the Installation Checklist and ensure that all requirements are met before attempting to install the Prognosis Management Server component.

Installation Procedure for MS Windows
On a separate MS Windows machine install the Prognosis for Windows Management Server component.
The Prognosis Web Application should also be included with the Management Server installation. Also, if required,  the Prognosis Windows Client can be included.

Installing the Windows Client
Optionally, or in addition to the Management Server, the Windows Client component can be installed onto one or more separate MS Windows machines that are linked to the IP address of the Management Server.

Setup a Management Server
Configure the NETWORK Configuration on the Management Server. This requires a MANAGED-NODES statement to be added for each Monitoring server.

MANAGED-NODES (<monitoring_server>[:<port>])

Check that all servers are visible to Prognosis

From the Web Application or windows Client, check that the Management Server and all configured Monitoring Servers are now visible in the Navigation panel (Web) or Node Navigator (Windows)

Configuration for Money Transfer System
On each Monitoring Server carry out the configuration steps as detailed in the Prognosis for ACI MTS configuration section.

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