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Starting/Stopping a Threshold Condition

When a Threshold is created, the option of having it start with individual conditions disabled is available. In this case, once the Threshold is started, the individual conditions can be started manually from either the Web Application or the Windows Client. To do this use the following procedure.

Web Application

Open and login to the Web Application - Administration tool.

Select the required server by highlighting the server name in the Managed Server panel (2nd from left).

From the Home page go to the Thresholds section.

Click on the required Threshold name.

This will open a page showing each Threshold Condition. An indicator will show if the condition is 'Running' or 'Stopped'. To the right of each Condition box there is a Start/Stop button.

To start a Condition click the Start button. Alternatively, to stop a running condition click the Stop button.

Windows Client

Starting a Threshold Condition

Start the required Threshold.

Check the applicable node in the Nodes Navigator for the Threshold.

The Threshold has a blue tick indicating it has started.

Expand the required Threshold document to show the associated Conditions.

If a Threshold Condition has not started (indicated by a red cross) this is because the Start Disabled checkbox was selected on the Threshold Condition-timing tab.

Right-click on the stopped condition and select Start from the shortcut menu.

A confirmation box will be displayed, select Yes.

Stopping a Threshold Condition

An individual Threshold Condition can be stopped when required from the Nodes Navigator. For example, a Threshold may have been started by dragging it onto the workspace, this will start the Threshold Conditions on each node specified in the Nodes to Run On tab of the Threshold properties dialog. However, it may not be required to run certain Threshold Conditions on particular nodes. The following procedure can be used to stop the Conditions on a specific node.

In the Nodes Navigator select the required node and expand the Thresholds folder.

Expand the required Threshold document to show the associated Conditions.

Right-click on a running Condition and select Stop from the shortcut menu

A confirmation box will be displayed, select Yes.

When a Threshold Condition that has an OFF EVENT defined is stopped, and the Condition has an event has been logged but not the corresponding OFF EVENT, the OFF EVENT will then be logged.
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