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Modifying an Existing Threshold

A Threshold document that is not currently running can be modified from the Document Navigator of the Windows Client. It is not currently possible to modify a Threshold that is not running through the Web Application.

From the Windows Client, the properties of a Threshold or a Threshold Condition can be modified as required to meet any changing situations in the monitored environment.

When making modifications to one of the pre-packaged Threshold documents, it is strongly recommended that a copy of it be made and saved with a new name. This copied document can then be modified and applied as required. This will ensure that the original document is retained and that the changed document will not be overwritten by any future upgrades.

From the Document Navigator right-click on the required Threshold document and select Properties from the context menu. This will open the Threshold properties dialog box.

Make the required modifications. See Creating a Threshold for details.

When complete, select the OK button to save the document.

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