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Accessing Thresholds via the Web Application

Full Threshold operations, such as creating, copying and editing are carried out through the Windows Client. However, a limited number of functions can be carried out through the Web Application - Administration tool.

The Threshold functions that are available through the Web Application include:

  • List the associated Threshold Conditions.

  • Start/Stop Threshold Conditions within a running Threshold.

  • Change severity settings of a Threshold Condition.

  • Change the condition in which the alert can be triggered.

  • Change the timing for a Threshold Condition including: interval, how many consecutive occurrences before the Alert is triggered and how often notification should be sent.

  • Change the default on and off event messages for a Threshold Condition.

  • Change the SNMP traps destination settings for the entire Threshold.

These features will allow for day-to-day operational updates of Thresholds through the Web Application without having to deploy the Windows Client.

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