A Threshold is a service that scans selected Prognosis data looking for predefined conditions. Multiple conditions can be specified within a Threshold, setting exceptions on fields from one or more Prognosis records.

When any of these conditions are found, the Threshold is 'triggered' and can be set to invoke a number of actions through the message destinations function. This can include activating an alert on a Prognosis Display, initiating a command, sending an email message to a nominated person, or sending a message to another process, file or terminal for completion of an automated action.

Prognosis comes with a set of predefined Thresholds that include conditions covering CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Queue Length and many more. In addition, new Thresholds can be created or existing Thresholds can be customized to suit specific environments.

Some Thresholds are started automatically by Prognosis while other may need to be manually started in order to activate Alert monitoring, that is, to monitor for specific events and then display those events in an Alerts Display, such as Alerts Central.

Thresholds can only be set for licensed records provided that you have purchased either of:

  • Automated Operations. This enables the setting of Thresholds on any Prognosis record. However, unlicensed records cannot be displayed.

  • Automated Analyst. This enables the setting of rules, a much more complex type of monitoring, on any Prognosis record. However, unlicensed records cannot be displayed.

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