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Printing Reports from Displays

Reports can be generated from Displays that have been set to the Run Mode of 'Report'. These are known as Report Displays and are indicated by the  icon on the Document Navigator. Report Displays are linked to either a Database Collection or Summary and allow for the production of reports that can be either viewed online, exported to Excel, or sent directly to your printer.

Reports can be generated from any Database Collection or Summary. There are pre-packaged Report Displays provided. However, reports can also be created as required for the specific environment and business needs.

Reports that could be generated might include; CPU Activity Report, Resource Usage by Job, Disk Space Usage by User, Disk by I/O activity, Files over 90 percent full, etc.

Create a Database Collection or Summary for the data that you wish to report on. Alternatively, in the Document Navigator, you can right-click on an existing Display that collects the data you require, then from the menu select Create Document>Database Collection or Database Summary.

Create a Display, completing the various tabs as normal in addition to the following.

On the Windows tab, select the Report Run Mode.

On the Report tab select the Print check box.

Select the Print Summary check box if a summary is required to be printed on the report. This will add information such as: date and time printed, Display name, window name, Database Name and the collection interval.

Select Print Footer to include time, date and interval details in the footer of the report.

In the Display Windows field select the check box of each window that will be used to provide the report data.

Select the Database tab.

Complete the following fields

Node: Select the node that you wish to produce a report on.

Name: Enter the name of the Database Collection or Summary that this Display is to be linked to.

Location:  Enter the drive and directory path of where the Database Collection or Summary is located.

When finished select OK, this will save the document as a Report Display, indicated by the  icon.

From the Document Navigator double-click on the Report Display document.

The Display will open in the workspace and the data will be automatically sent to the default printer.

Be aware when you are sending a report to be printed that every collection interval in the database will be sent to the printer.

You should first summarize the Database Collection by one or more of the following options:
- using a Where Clause
- by using a Summary Interval greater than the original collection interval
- by specifying a Summary Period from the data collection.
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