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Display Time Preferences

The Time Tab - Presentation Tab of the Window Properties dialog box is used to set the chart time mode and format as shown on the Status Bar of a Display window.

It is important to note that timestamps are taken from the data source (i.e. the system where the data is collected) and these are always stored in UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time). The 'Time Mode' setting, as discussed below, is used to display these UTC timestamps in the selected timezone. It does not change the time period over which the data collection is being displayed.

The Status Bar may not always be visible on a Display window; this is a Properties option that can be set from the Preferences Tab - Presentation Tab. Alternatively, the Status Bar can be turned on by right-clicking over the window and selecting Status Bar from the context menu.

To set the chart time mode, use the following procedure.

On the Windows properties dialog box select the Presentation tab.

Select the Time sub-tab and complete the following fields as required:

Time Mode
The drop-down list box allows a time mode selection from the following options:


Show timestamps in the time zone where the data is collected.


Show timestamps in the time zone where the Windows Client is running.


Show timestamps in the time zone of the server that the Windows Client is connected to.


Show timestamps in Co-ordinated Universal Time.

Time Display Mode
Select a Time Display Mode from the drop-down list, these options affect what data is shown in the Status Bar of the window:

Time only

Only the date and time are shown. For charts, the time will be a range based on the time window of the data shown on the chart.

Time and Mode

Date and time will be shown plus the time mode, for example local, or the server name that it is connected to.

Time and Offset

Date and time plus the UTC offset are shown.

Time, Mode and Offset

Includes all of the above options.

After this screen has been completed, click the OK button to save the setup or select another tab to continue completing the window properties.

If the Time Display Mode text is longer than the allowed space on the Status Bar, hold the mouse over the Status Bar - Time area and the full text will be shown in a ToolTip.
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