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Display Sort/Total Criteria

The sort feature allows you to specify the sorting criteria for data on tabular windows. Although the option is also available for graphical windows, the sorting will only be performed on the legend.

This function will determine the sort order for multiple data fields, that is, which data column is sorted first, and also the sort criteria for within each data column.

Open the Windows properties dialog box

The Data tab will open by default. Select the Sort/Total sub-tab then complete the following fields as required.

Configured Data Fields
This box shows all data and meta fields that are contained in the current window. Double-click on one or more fields that you wish to specify a sort criteria for. This will add it to the adjacent Sort Criteria by Level box.

Sort Criteria by Level
The Sort Criteria by Level box lists the selected data fields in the order that they will be sorted, i.e. the first item in the list will be sorted first, followed by the second etc. From this list select the required data field then choose from the following buttons that are located at the bottom of the dialog box:

Sort Ascending

Sort numeric data from highest to lowest and alphabetical data Z to A.

Sort Descending

Sort numeric data from lowest to highest and alphabetical data A to Z.

Move Criterion Up

Move the selected data field up the Sort Criteria box list. This determines the order in which multiple data columns are sorted.

Move Criterion Down

Move the selected field down the Sort Criteria box list

Delete Criterion

Deletes the selected data field from the Sort Criteria box.


The Total feature allows you to have multi-level totals and to use the totals with Data View Definition - Combines.


 Averages selected data.


Total selected data.

Hide Detail

Hides original data, only available when Total is selected.



Averages selected data at every change of data value.


Totals data at every change of data value - once the value changes another subtotal collection is activated.

Hide Detail

Hides original data.

After this dialog box has been completed choose the OK button to save the data or select another tab to complete the window properties.

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