Display - Windows Tab

This tab shows a list of the windows that are attached to this Display. From here you can add extra windows, remove any windows no longer required, or edit the way in which the windows operate.




List of all windows attached to this Display showing the name and title of the window together with a graphical representation of the window type, i.e. Text, Table, Chart etc.


- Adds a new window to this Display.
 - Deletes the selected window from the Display.
 - Opens the Window Properties dialog box.

Run Mode

Online - When selected this window will be used to view data online.

Replay - When selected this window will be used to replay the contents of a database collection or summary.

Report - When selected this window will be used to generate a report using the window as a template.


The Theme is a set of presentation properties, such as color and fonts, which are applied to your Web Display document.

Selecting the  (Browse) button will open the Web Themes dialog box. Here you can select the required theme from the list of available options. A preview of each theme is also displayed.

Context menu

Right-clicking your mouse over the Windows tab will open the following context menu;

Opens the Properties dialog for the selected window. Refer to Window Properties Dialog

Rename the selected window.

Delete the selected window.

Copy the selected window to the clipboard.

Paste a previously copied window from the clipboard into this Display.

Paste Special
Paste previously copied window properties into the selected Window.

Autofit All Columns
This will automatically adjust the visible column widths of the windows field to an optimal size.

Hide Title
This will toggle on/off the Title column in the window field.

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