Display - Database Tab

This tab only needs to be used if the Display is to be used for replaying a Database Collection or Summary.



Database Details

Node: - node that the database is stored on.

Name: - name of the database to be replayed.

Location: - directory path (volume/subvolume for HPE NonStop) .


Set the start and stop time for a database replay. Select either a pre-defined data replay period, or choose 'Specific Time' and then set a replay period in the adjacent time fields.

Alternatively, 'Relative to current time...' can be selected. This allows a start and/or end time to be specified for the replay which is relative to the current time. For example, if the current time is 9.13am and you select to start '2 hours ago' then this actually means 7.00am. However, if you specified '120 minutes ago' this means 7.13am.

Calculations are done in the database server’s time zone.

Daily Time Window

Period of the day that the collected data is to be replayed for.

 Use Collection Interval

When 'checked' the settings in the Interval field will be disabled. The database server will then use the interval that the data was collected on instead. This permits a database replay to continue replaying data as the active Database Collection receives new data.

Interval: - Specifies the time interval in which the collected data is refreshed. The first field allows the input of the interval and the second allows selection of the period, i.e. seconds to days.

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