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Display Colors and Fonts

The colors and font styles used in your Display are set from a Theme attached in the Windows tab of the Display properties dialog box. However, the Colors and Fonts tab allows you to select alternative Themes or add your own color and font elements for individual windows.

On the Windows properties dialog box select the Presentation tab.

Select the Colors/Fonts sub-tab and complete the following fields as required:

Window Theme
From the Theme attached to the Display at the Display Properties - Windows tab this field may be set to Standard, which is a default Window Theme. Should a Theme contain individual Window Themes then these can be selected from this field. The (None) option will disregard any Theme and allow you to set your own colors/fonts for the individual window. For further details see the Themes topics.

Provided that no Theme has been selected, the following fields will be available for selection:

Sets the background and title text colors plus the title font style. Select each button to display the selection dialog box.

Sets the background, button and text colors plus the font for the button text. The Button color option will not be available if the 'Flat Link Style' option has been selected on the Preferences tab.

If the chart type has been set to Tabular the following fields will be available for completion. Click on each button to display the selection dialog boxes.

Select the color for the chart grid lines.

Set the colors and fonts for the heading area of the table.

Set the colors and fonts for the data area of the table.

Totals Data
Set the colors and fonts for the data totals area of the table.

For any chart type other than Tabular, the following fields will be available:

Sets colors for the background, axis, grid, label text, axis text and Threshold. The font style can also be set for the labels, time axis and value axis.

Data Series ...
This button will open the Chart Data Series color dialog box. Here the colors used by the chart can be set for each data line or column. The Display will use the colors in the order in which they are displayed on this dialog box, the top level being used first. The color order can be changed, new colors added, or existing colors amended.

Sets the background color, text color and font style for the Display legend.

After this screen has been completed, click the OK button to save the setup or select another tab to continue completing the window properties.

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