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Display Chart Types

When creating a Display, the default chart type is tabular (table). However, a variety of other chart types are also available for selection, these include Bar, Column, Line, Area, Pie, Column-Line and Line-Line graphs. An option is also provided to display a chart in 2D or 3D.

To select a chart type, use the following procedure.

Open the Windows properties dialog box.

Select the Presentation tab. The Chart sub tab will open by default.

From the illustrated list click on the required type of Table or Chart. This can be either a 2 or 3 dimension chart, and either a Tabular, Bar, Column, Line, Area, Pie, Column-Line or Line-Line chart.

Complete the following fields as required:

Chart Interval
Set the required number of Data Collection Intervals that will be shown on the chart, the default is 5 minutes. This option is not available for tabular charts.

Cache Interval
Set the number of intervals that will be stored in cache for data replay.

Enable Trending
Select this to enable trending in 2D charts only.

Trend Interval
Set the required trend interval. This option is not available for tabular or 3D charts.

After this dialog box has been completed choose the OK button to save the data or select another tab to complete the window properties.

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