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Copying a Display Window

An individual window within a Display can be copied and then pasted into another Display, or within the same Display. To do this use, the following procedures.

Copy a Window

With a Display running in the Workspace, click on the Properties icon  on the Toolbar. This will open the Display Properties dialog box at the Windows tab.

In the Windows Name box, right-click on the Window that you wish to copy, this will display the context menu.

From the menu select Copy and the Window will be copied to your Clipboard.

Paste a Window

Once a window has been copied it can then be pasted into the same or any other Display using the 'Paste' or 'Paste Special' options.

Open the Display Properties dialog box - Windows tab of the Display that you wish to paste the new Window into.

Right-click to open the context menu and select either 'Paste' or 'Paste Special'

This will paste the copied Window into the current Display. If you are pasting a Window from a different Display the original name of the Window will be maintained as long as it is unique in the new Display. Otherwise, the pasted Window will be added as 'Copy of <original name>'.

If you paste the Window back into the original Display, the Window name will be 'Copy <n> of <original name>'.

Paste Special:
This feature will allow you to paste all or selected Window properties from the clipboard into the current Display. This means overwriting the same properties of the currently selected Window with the pasted ones.



Replace Contents with clipboard

Using this option you can replace the entire contents (properties) of the selected Window with the one available in the clipboard, preserving the Window name, size and position.

Select clipboard contents to paste

Enabled if the clipboard contains either a Display Window or Display Window Theme.

This pastes the colors and fonts only, it does not copy the name of the Window Theme. That is, if the copied window is using a theme or a Display window theme is being pasted, the window being pasted into WILL NOT USE the window theme after pasting.

Drill Downs
Series Colors
User Defined Fields
Visual Alarms

Enabled only if the data views of the copied window and the one being pasted into USE THE SAME RECORDS.   Pasting any of these properties means overwriting the existing one not appending to it.


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