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Commands from Displays

Two command types are provided, 'Prognosis Commands' and 'User Commands'. 'Prognosis Commands' are pre-configured and are provided, they are defined for use with the pre-packaged Displays. User Commands can be created at any time for any other purpose.

When the  icon appears on a Display it indicates that Commands are available on that data column.

Right-click on the column to open the shortcut menu containing the Command options.

Select the Command type required and a list of the available commands will be shown in a sub-menu.

User defined Commands are created and edited through separate Commands. Once created Commands can be added to data columns in a Display by using the Commands tab of the Windows Properties dialog box.

Commands can be defined to execute operating system shell and Analyst or Threshold related commands. Any variable data that is required in the Command can be obtained automatically from the corresponding data field on the Display, or a prompt can be shown for the variable data to be manually added.

To carry out these commands a valid license for Automated Operations on HPE NonStop or Enterprise Server Management on Windows/UNIX is required.
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