Configuration for HA using the Web Application

Before starting on configuring two monitoring nodes to be Highly Available, it's recommended to first consult the following documentation:

Initial Setup

Before configuring the HA Pair, ensure that the following items have been completed

The (Primary) Monitoring Server is connected and available.

The (Secondary) Monitoring Server at the same level within the hierarchy of the topology is available for pairing with the Primary server.

This server should not have any Prognosis related data residing on it that is important or it should be backed up. Otherwise, the data will get deleted.

Configure 'Remote Credentials' on both Primary and Secondary servers.

Remote Credentials can be set up on the 'Home' page of the Prognosis Web Application - Administration Tool. For details see the 'Remote Credentials' section of the Admin Home Page.

The Prognosis user must have the priviledges to start and stop the PrognosisPostgres service running on the selected Monitoring Servers for HA functionality

On both Monitoring Servers ensure that the network ports 5432 and 1970 are open. These are the default ports for PostgreSQL and HA synchronization communication respectively. If different port numbers are desired, these can be configured.

Configuring the Pair

To configure the HA Pair, use the following procedure:

Open and login to the Prognosis Web Application - Administration Tool.

In the navigation panel on the left, click on High Availability. Access to this page is only available for users with appropriate permissions, see Prerequisites for HA.

This will open the 'High availability pairs' page.

Click the Add link button.

This will open the 'Add new high availability pair' page.

On this page, complete the following details:

High availability pair name

This is a user-defined name for the HA pair. This is used to exclusively identify a Prognosis pair when configuring advanced options, such as configuring processes to run on the passive server and file/folder synchronization.

Primary server

Select the server name that is to be the 'Primary'.

This drop-down list will automatically show any Prognosis servers that can be configured for High Availability. These must be MS Windows servers running Prognosis 11.5 or later and not already configured for HA.

Secondary server

Select the server name that is to be the 'Secondary'.

This drop-down list will be generated after an applicable primary server has been selected. The secondary server must have the same parent servers as the primary server, i.e. the two servers must be on the same level of the topology tree.

Synchronization port

This is the port number that will be used by the HA servers to communicate with each other in order to establish when synchronization has been successful. A firewall exception rule must be configured on the primary and secondary servers. Default is 1970.

Currently, there is no way to change the HA sync port on the WebUI once a Prognosis pair is configured.

When finished, click the Add link button.

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