Creating Dashboards

Creating a Dashboard can be achieved either from new or by duplicating an existing Dashboard and modifying it. Dashboards are made up of Tiles (Explores), and many Tiles can be added as needed to a Dashboard.

Viewing Existing Dashboards

Using the Sidebar, hover over monitoring and select View all. A list of all existing Dashboards will be shown.

Creating a New Dashboard

Starting from the View all saved Dashboards page, either click on the New Dashboard button. Provide a name for the Dashboard and click on Create dashboard.

Add Content to a Dashboard

To add content to a Dashboard, see Adding Explore Tiles to a Dashboard.

Duplicate an Existing Dashboard Tile

To copy an existing tile, go to an existing dashboard from the View All saved dashboards list, locate the tile to be copied. Click the Tile tools menu (...) and select either Explore data or View/Edit exploration which will open the exploration powering the tile in a new tab.

  • Explore data will open to a new untitled exploration
  • View/Edit exploration will open to the existing exploration referenced by the tile

Any changes made will be saved.

Choosing View/Edit exploration option will be modifying the exploration referenced by the tile!

Any changes to this exploration will directly affect all dashboards with tiles that are referencing the exploration you modified.

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