IR Cloud has certain limitations due to the methods and technology it uses to collect information. The following limitations are known.


Session Border Controllers30The maximum number of SBC's that can be monitored via the Edge component.


Datapoint limit10,000A chart visualization in any explore or dashboard can only show a maximum of 10,000 data points. For multi-series charts, this will depend on the number of intervals in the x-axis and the number of series, which is the number of unique grouped values.
Maximum grouped values in line and pie charts50Line charts and pie charts will only show the top 50 grouped values. For example, if you group by City, the chart will only show the top 50 cities with the chosen aggregation.
Drill downs on Previous and Corresponding Comparison dataDisabledUsers are not able to drill down on any Comparison data from the Previous or Corresponding intervals.
Viewing Previous and Corresponding DataOnly available for some visualization typesNot available for table + details visualization type
Viewing Corresponding Comparison Data with specific time period selections

Only available for some time period selections

Available for:

  • This hour
  • Previous hour
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This month
  • Previous month
Time-series bar/column/line charts with Previous or Corresponding dataThe specific date is only visible in the tooltipWhen a time-series bar/column or line chart is configured to show Previous/Corresponding data, the x-axis changes to the time bucket number, so the exact date is not visible on the axis and is only visible inside the tooltip.
Simple Moving Average ComparisonOnly available for single series line/bar/column/area charts that are grouped on time.Not available for multi-series charts, any other visualization, and not available if the primary axis is not grouped on the key time field.

Single Sign On


The Single Sign On configuration cannot currently be deleted, only disabled. It can be disabled or reconfigured to point to an alternative SAML 2.0 provider. If disabling the SSO configuration, it is highly recommended administrators create a (new) local user for administration purposes.

Image backgroundIt is recommended that the image does not have a transparent backgroundIf a tenant or user uploads a logo or avatar with a transparent background, it may not show up properly in the light theme if the image is primarily white, similarly, if the image is primarily black then it will be difficult to view in the dark theme. Hence we recommend that all avatar/logos are uploaded with a constant background.


Locked filtersUnable to modify locked filters on an existing dashboard tile

Once a user adds an exploration to a dashboard and configures the locked filters, the locked filters cannot be changed. As a workaround, the user must first remove the tile from the dashboard and then re-add it with the new locked filters. 

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