Managing Users

The list of current users in the system are available to administrators, these users can be managed and include the following actions:

  • Edit User
  • Disable/Enable User
  • Resend Invite
  • Delete User

Viewing the Users list

Goto the Administration center from the User Profile drop-down menu.

This Step is for Service Providers only

Use the Customer Switcher to select the Customer to manage.

Using the Sidebar, select Manage, and then click on Users.

This will open the Users page

This will show the following information

User nameThe users First and Last name
EnabledA flag indicating if the user is active or not

Current user status, which can be one of

  • Confirmed: Active user
  • Confirmed - SSO: Active SSO user 
  • Force change password: This is a new user and waiting for them to activate their account via the email link
Email addressThe users email address

Edit User

This action is only available for Confirmed users.  

All of the user details that were provided during the user creation can be modified, including the Managed Customers and Roles if the user is a Service Provider Operator.

To change the Roles for a Confirmed-SSO user, or to ensure a Confirmed-SSO user has access to a Managed Customer (for Service Providers) they must be in an SSO group that is mapped to the IR Cloud required customer and role, refer to the instructions in Configuring Access Groups.

Clicking the Edit user action will open the Edit user page:

While editing the user, it is also possible to Enable/Disable the user using the Status control.

After editing a user, an email containing the changes will be sent to the user.

Disable/Enable User

Disabled users will no longer have access to the system. All their data and roles are preserved.  Disabled users can be re-enabled at a later date with the same system access.

If a user is currently logged in to the system and their account is disabled, they will automatically be logged out after 5 minutes.

Resend Invite

This option will be only shown for the users that have not confirmed their email address, their status will be reported as Force change password. In this scenario, it is possible to resend an invite. 

It is also possible that the email is incorrect. Any users in the Force change password state should check their email for correctness.

Delete User

Deleting the user will delete all their data and revoke their access to the system. It is not possible to undo a deletion.

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