Creating a User

Users can be created as needed. there is no restriction to the number of users that can be created. Users are managed independently of any company Active Directory and the system does not support SSO.

Do not use this procedure for onboarding SSO users, refer to Managing SSO Users

Create a User

To create users in the system, follow these steps:

Goto the Administration center from the User Profile drop-down menu.

This Step is for Service Providers only

Use the Customer Switcher to select the Customer to manage.

Using the Sidebar, select Manage, and then click on Users.

This will open the Users page

Click on Create a user

This will open the Create a user page

Provide the following information

First nameEnter the user's first name
Last nameEnter the user's last name
Email addressEnter the user's email address
<customer> user role

Provide one or more Roles for the user, use the  to add additional roles.

For details on the roles available, see Default Roles in Roles.

Choose an avatarUpload an image to use for the user
Time zone

Optional, select a default time zone for the user. This time zone will be used to render dates in all dashboards and explores in the selected time zone.

If a time zone is not selected then the customer time zone will be used.


New explores and dashboards created by the user will be filtered to this currency by default in order to avoid aggregating disparate monetary values.

If a currency is not selected then US Dollars (USD $) will be used.

This option is available only for Transact customers.

This Step is only for Service Providers only

Managed Customers

If this is a Service Provider user, then an additional screen is required, click Proceed to Managed customers.

On this screen, allocate all the customers that this user will have access to manage using the Assign customers to manage, select one or more customers from the customer list.

The Service Provider user must also be provided roles for each customer selected. This allows for the user to have varying restrictions on the application, depending on their involvement and control over the customer site. Use the controls in the Role column to assign roles per customer.

Click Save changes when complete to save.

An email will be sent to the user email address to join the application.

If the email address already exists in the tenant account or in any children tenant accounts (in a multi hierarchical tenant setup) an error will be shown.

Adding the same User to multiple tenants

In a Service Provider user configuration, it is possible, in some cases to reuse emails, thus providing the same user with access to multiple tenant data. This scenario can arise when tenants (Customers) create sub-tenants. This is particularly useful when the customer has business in multiple geographical regions and the data must be separated or stored in a local region due to privacy laws and GDPR.

A user created in a Service Provider account can also be created in tenant accounts. Subsequently, any user in a tenant account can be created in any sub-tenants. This is to say, that known users at the top of the hierarchy can be disseminated downwards.

However, if a user exists in a lower level of the hierarchy, that user cannot be created in parent tenants. Users can not be pushed upwards in the hierarchy.

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